America’s Opinion: Gays Receive the Most Discrimination.

A report by Pew Research:

A plurality of the public (45%) believes that gays and lesbians face “a lot” of bias — roughly double the proportions that see widespread discrimination against blacks (18%) or Hispanics (23%), and three-to five-times the proportion that sees similarly high levels of prejudice directed at women, Asian Americans or whites. The latest Pew Research survey of racial attitudes finds that overall, nearly eight-in-ten (78%) adults say gays and lesbians face at least “some” discrimination. Even blacks see discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation as more pervasive than racial bias against blacks.

Broken down by ethnicity:

Breaking it down further, respondents who say gays & lesbians receive “a lot” of discrimination:

  • 43% of Whites
  • 55% of Blacks
  • 47% of Hispanics
  • 45% Overall

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