Oral Sex Causes More Head/Neck Cancer Than Tobacco




New Favorite Jock of the Day (baskit wear ribbed jock brief)

baskitwear.com has a tasty jockstrap that I’ve come to adore.  It’s called ribbed jock brief and it comes in three different colors: Blanc White, Charcoal Grey, and Palm Green.

I love the idea of a two function jock; business up front and party in the back!  I don’t own a pair so i don’t know how they feel but I would imagine it basically an ass-less brief.




Rib Colours Jockstrap by NDS WEAR ®

I came across this cool looking jockstrap while browsing abcunderwear.com.  I can’t say I have a lot of confidence in their site; everything feels fake and run of the mill.  However this particular strap looked pretty appealing.  I like the way the leg straps are attached to the pouch material on the front rather than the bottom of waistband.  It has a more unique look, and screams everyday wear to me.

abcunderwear_2040_49494698_front  abcunderwear_2040_49409829_side


Rib Colours Jockstrap by NDS WEAR ®, jockstrap underwear, a ribbed cotton/lycra fabric, unique style, elastic wraps around each upper thigh, open front. White, black, grey, orange, yellow.  Small 28"-30", Medium 31"-32", Large 33"-35", XL 36-38", XXL 39-41". Sizing in Centimeters: Small 70-76, Medium 78-82, Large 85-90, XL 92-97, XXL 98-103